Finished Products Gallery of Sew Much Fun

Let Us Help You Bring Out Your Inner Fabric Artist

Welcome to Sew Much Fun’s Gallery of Finished Products! Thank you for your interest in our projects. We offer a variety of classes and workshops to help bring out your inner fabric artist here at Sew Much Fun.

All projects shown below have been completed by our professional staff and students. If you see something that you like, give us a call at (724) 942-9425. We have been serving the supply needs of sewing hobbyists and professional seamstresses in Allegheny and Washington County, PA, for over 10 years and are a Janome Certified Dealer with over 35 years of experience serving and teaching Janome customers how to get the most from their machines. Let us help!

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Learn How to Sew Home Décor & Decorative Items

We love to assist our students with producing everything from custom-made home décor to decorative utility items. If you are interested in learning how to make any of these attractive and unique works of fabric art, you’ve come to the right place! We enjoy working with our students to help each individual reach his or her full artistic capabilities.

Sew Much Fun offers classes to assist students in learning how to make home decor and decorative utility items in McMurray, PA

Sewing Machine Classes for Beginners to Advanced Students

Sew Much Fun offers seasonal classes throughout the year to help our students learn everything from the basics of machine operation (for beginners) to advanced quilting and embroidery techniques that can be used for personal satisfaction or income-generation. Practitioners of the fine art of fabric work are becoming more rare as we move further into the age of technology. However, the demand for beautiful, handcrafted fabric items including quilts, personalized embroidered items, and other attractive and unique handmade gifts remain in high demand. Advances in computer and digital sewing, serging, and embroidering technology now enable us to produce attractive sewn and embroidered items with more precision and ease than ever before.

With the proper equipment, software, and training, the art of fabric work has become more exciting than it has ever been! Let us help you express yourself and produce enduring fabric items that you will be proud to display, give as gifts, or sell for profit at craft shows and fairs. To learn more about the products, classes, and educational services that Sew Much Fun offers, please visit us or call at (724) 942-9425.